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Welcome to Jiggster, the new video-games marketplace app that puts you in control of all your own deals to trade, sell or buy console games within our Jiggster community. It's made by gamers for gamers, so we are free to use, and take no fees or commission, which means no more rip-offs. Your Games, Your Rules.

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Swap Old Games for Free

Sick of getting ripped off by over-priced fees and charges? Fear not, Jiggster is totally free to use, and we never, ever take a commission or fee from your deals. That's more money, and more games for you.

Negotiate Your Own Deals

Jiggster is the only service that gives you complete control over your trading terms. By allowing you to barter bargains with other gamers you never have to accept a deal unless you're completely satisfied.


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We're all about gaming and making sure you get the best deals for your buck. So here in our Jiggster blog, we'll cover bits of news, charts, opinions and more.

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